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Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Kitchen backsplashes can revitalize your kitchen and give the room a whole new look and feel. And unlike other renovations, putting in a new backsplash can be quick and affordable!
Backsplashes can be designed to fit any number of styles, from country to ultra-modern and they can be made of various materials. Most backsplashes are made of tiles, because they are durable and very easy to keep clean. If you choose to create a new tile backsplash, you'll have plenty of options; tile is also the most versatile type of backsplash material on the market.
Types of Tiles
There are many different kinds of tile that can be used to create your new backsplash. They include:
  • Natural stone. Using tiles made of marble, travertine or granite will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. These tiles can be found in a wide variety of natural colours and patterns.
  • Ceramic. These tiles are made of clay that is fired in a kiln. They're finished with a coloured or patterned glaze.
  • Glass. Glass tiles are gaining in popularity. They're waterproof and reflect light in an intriguing way.
  • Porcelain. These tiles are made of pressed porcelain dust, making them denser and stronger than ceramic tiles. They can have a matte, glazed or high polished finish.
  • Mirror. These tiles work well in small spaces. The reflective surface can make an area seem larger. They do require more frequent cleaning than other types of tile.
  • Metal. Metal can give a kitchen a modern feel. Available in copper, chrome or aluminum, metal tiles can have a polished or brushed surface.
Get Creative!
Once you've chosen the type of tile you want, you can decide how to use them. Some current ideas include:
  • Laser Cut. Tiles cut into intricate patterns with lasers create designs that make the backsplash a focal point in the room. These can be made of almost any material, but recently silver or gold-backed glass is popular.
  • Large pattern. Tiles with bold patterning work best in larger areas. These are sure to give your kitchen a contemporary feel.
  • Hexagonal. These small six-sided tiles interlock to create a honeycomb effect. Simple and versatile, these tiles can go almost anywhere.
  • Subway Tile. This small square tile is now available in hundreds of exciting colours.
  • Herringbone or Chevron. Herringbone tiles are thin rectangular tiles laid in a particular repeating geometric pattern.
  • Specialty Shapes. Unusual tiles can be found at specialty stores. Oval tiles are currently quite popular, as are curvy arabesque shapes and fan shapes.
  • Mosaic. If you have the budget, consider having a custom mosaic created for you. Your backsplash can truly be a work of art.
  • Diagonal. Another interesting trend involves installing square tiles on a diagonal. This unusual arrangement is sure to draw attention.
  • Mixing Types. Some homeowners like to mix small tiles with larger ones or use tiles of varying shapes.
Whether you choose a funky, vibrant mosaic or the natural beauty of granite tile, creating a new backsplash can rejuvenate your kitchen.
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